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Making it happen

Volunteer organisations with an interest in hosting events don’t have sufficient time or resources to set-up an event in a professional manner.

The workload creates strain on the home, work and family life of volunteers. We all know that there are not enough hours in the day and the hard work falls to a small number of people.

People are willing to help out for a short time but there are very few with the dedication to organise from start to finish.
Visitors to Tasmania always enjoy the experience and sometimes just need an excuse to make the journey.

We provide individuals and organisations with turnkey event production and operations management support.

Why Us?

Putting on a major public event isn’t easy. There are many hidden pitfalls and endless minor details which consume your time.

For volunteer organisations and sporting bodies, these factors either restrict or prevent the event from reaching its full potential.

Overcome that hurdle by teaming with us. We combine our experience, with your event and local resources to make things happen.

Partnering with us brings established local resources to your event and helps to cut through the administrivia associated with hosting public events.

In today’s world, networking and partnering are essential, so let us help you achieve your goals.

Cradle Coast

The Cradle Coast region of Tasmania provides an amazing backdrop for your event.

Located on the North-West coast, the area has more airports and ferry services than any other region of the state.

The Cradle Coast bounds Bass Strait, and is located in the foothills of the Dial Range.

An hours drive on sealed roads will lead you to Tassie’s Western Wilderness, Cradle Mountain, dozens of sport fishing lakes and bushwalking trails.

Untitled-2Managing Director Michael Bonney has been involved in surf lifesaving since 1984 as a competitor, life saver and administrator.

His competition career included numerous state championship victories with, reserve and open boat rowing crews.

His various administration roles were volunteer based and involved assembling volunteers to help support the Penguin Surf Life Saving Club in its day-to-day activities.

During his time as President, Michael led members through the development of strategic and business plan for the Club, which helped secure $500,000 from the State Government.

Most recently, Michael was chairperson of the organisation committee for the National Inflatable Rescue Boat Championship, held at the Penguin Surf Life Saving Club in 2010.

This group hosted the championships and managed 500 competitors, 50 officials and managed 100 volunteers over the three day event. The championships were recognised by all who attended as “The Best IRB’s ever”.

In July 2014 Georgia Whelan joined CCS&E.
Georgia has been involved with event management since 2001, both locally and in the UK. Georgia’s experience is primarily in the high end corporate sector and has worked with clients such as Subaru, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Kenzo, Bulgari, British American Racing, blue chip companies, federal and state government dignitaries and many more.

Georgia’s passion has always been event management however she has spent a number of years working in media and most recently branding and communications, where she was involved in the rebrand of a national company. Other branding and communications experience includes, branding, marketing and opening of a highly awarded art hotel, rebrand and re-launch of a state tourism publication, and the re-launch of a design hotel in London.

Georgia is very much a “people person”, has a keen eye for detail and strives for perfection in everything she does, both personally and professionally. Having been a stay at home mother for the past two years, Georgia is very excited about a new professional chapter in her life and brings many skills and a fresh approach to Cradle Coast Sports & Events.