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The Tasmanian Community Triathlon


The Tasmanian Community Triathlon

The Tasmanian Community Triathlon is a new event being introduced in Devonport in 2014. It is an exciting new event aimed at high school children and community members wishing to give the sport of triathlon a go. Everyone in the community is encouraged to participate as an individual or as part of a team. It will be very interesting to hear feedback from this exciting new initiative.
The event will have no time limit and will be a relaxed, family orientated event where participation is the main focus.
The Tasmanian Community Triathlon will be held the same day as the TriKids, Sunday 2nd March 2014, so come on down to the Bluff and make it a day or family, fitness and FUN!
For more information please visit and click on the Tasmanian Community Triathlon tab.

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