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The Devonport TriKids

The Devonport TriKids was purchased along with the Devonport Triathlon in 2012. In 2013 more than 160 children from local schools descended upon the Bluff to take part. Ten months on, we are still hearing reports of what an exceptionally organised event it was and how it was enjoyed by all.

TriKids has only been in Devonport for 3 years, each year growing in participation numbers. The focus of TriKids is participation and all children, of any ability are welcome to participate.

TriKids is a great way to introduce children to multi-sport or sport they have not tried before as there is no pressure to win and the event is fun and family focussed.

In 2014 the Devonport TriKids will be held on Sunday March 2nd at the Mersey Bluff precint and will be open to children in Grades 3 – 6. High school children will be able to participate in the Tasmanian Community Triathlon! (please make this into a link to the TCT info page)

For more information, please visit the Devonport Triathlon website and click on the TriKids tab


The Tasmanian Community Triathlon

The Tasmanian Community Triathlon is a new event being introduced in Devonport in 2014. It is an exciting new event aimed at high school children and community members wishing to give the sport of triathlon a go. Everyone in the community is encouraged to participate as an individual or as part of a team. It will be very interesting to hear feedback from this exciting new initiative.
The event will have no time limit and will be a relaxed, family orientated event where participation is the main focus.
The Tasmanian Community Triathlon will be held the same day as the TriKids, Sunday 2nd March 2014, so come on down to the Bluff and make it a day or family, fitness and FUN!
For more information please visit and click on the Tasmanian Community Triathlon tab.