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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Cranky Penguin Mountain Bike Event

Cradle Coast Sports and Events had an opportunity to partner with and exciting new event called the Cranky Penguin mountain bike race. The race is conducted in the dial range which is a remote wilderness area located only a hefty stones throw from the sleepy seaside town of Penguin. The dial is a rugged, stunningly beautiful location full of suburb trails, spectacular scenery and riding that will knock your socks off, in short, it’s the perfect place to play host to Tasmania’s only one day mountain bike marathon. Riders can choose between two options, the 70km Cranky penguin or the 40km Not-So cranky Penguin. Cradle Coast Sports and Events provided event management support to the volunteer group which included media releases, sponsorship advice, on the day event support, attendance at volunteer meetings and general support to event organiser in the lead up to a very successful event.

Circular Head Twilight on the Duck Festival

Throughout 2013 Cradle Coast Sports and Events provided support to The Circular Head Australia Day committee to access sponsorship though local businesses to assist with their Twilight on the Duck Festival held annually on Australia Day in Smithton. This support involving the volunteer committee in every decision included sponsorship package writing, delivering package the to business by email, follow up phone calls and face to face meetings with the owners of each business. This method of encouraging business to come on board for the 2014 event has proven very successful with the doubling of the sponsorship dollars being added to this event.

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